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I have worked both in tech and community outreach. Equitable access to Tech is important not only for me but for my community. Coding is a way to help pave the way for those who come behind me. I believe that every person can make a tangible difference in their community.

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I’m a full stack software engineer who is a child of immigrant parents from Colombia. They instilled in me a strong work ethic and a drive to overcome obstacles. I have worked both in nonprofit and for-profit sectors and can say that they both struggle with similar issues: exchange of information and data between parties. Coding is the best way to close these gaps. Equitable access to Tech is important for me and my community. Early on I never saw coding as a possibility for me. But have come to understand that coding is a bridge to endless opportunities. I believe that every person can make a tangible difference in their community. When given the tools and opportunities.




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Building full functional apps!

My portfolio is the best way to show my work, you can see here a big range of work. Explore, Discover, Learn.


A housing activist application, to connect with others, visualize census data, and search for homes.


AI responsive game that reacts according to players moves.

Flip - Flop

Full Stack Social Netorking React Application that allows you to share photos and art with others. Build a following and get inspired by others.

Matching Game

A fully functional matching game. That shuffles when complete.


A static site genretated using HTML5 and CSS3.

Conways Game of Life

Used javascript in order to depict Conways game of LIFE.

Foodist Blog

A static site layout focused responsivness and visual alignment.

OOP Calculator

A calculator built focusing on Object-oriented programming.


Everything you need for full stack sites!

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